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In case you've been following us for a while, you probably know that we have some BIG plans for 2019. One of them is the blog that you are reading right now. But that's not all!

We love to share our travel tips and stories. We love to travel the globe. And we want our products to travel the globe, too!

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, drum rolls! Spread the news to your neighbors, family, friends, and your beloved ones! Tell your cat, golden fish, and even your imaginary unicorn: we ship worldwide!


And if that's not good enough, shipping costs have dropped twice in Europe, too! Check the prices here. Moreover, shipping is free for all orders over 50 EUR.

For your convenience, from now on you can see the prices in your own currency. Just please note that all orders are processed in EUR. It means that you will checkout using EUR at the most current and up to date exchange rate based on your own bank or credit card processor.

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Happy shopping!

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