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tamed winds blog, eglepedia, sailing tips, galley gossip, travel, travel tips, diy, t-shirt storeWe are two weirdos blown together by lucky winds. We are different - one of us is a hopeless romantic, but he would never admit that, while the other one is a master of naughty jokes, just please don’t tell that to her mom. But we both love the Ocean and rough Nordic shores. This love has materialized into Tamed Winds Store, and we proudly present you the passion that we both share.

These awesome unique minimalistic artwork and graphic designs are created by some brilliant brain of the most beautiful badass weirdo on the planet (at least that’s what the hopeless romantic thinks about the main designer of the company). The range of products and collections is constantly evolving.

Our products are designed in EU by two of us, manufactured and printed in EU & US. We don't use cheap materials or cheap underage workforce, because we want to keep us and our precious customers happy. And we now ship Worldwide!

On the Blog, we are sharing travel tips & stories, bits of advice (oh, we have many countries visited on our list!), but also other goodies that interest us, mainly related to sailing. You see, we have this dream of circumnavigating the globe. Some 10 times, at least! So please stay tuned for the latest news and development of our plan!

In case you have any questions, remarks or requests, also for all order, product or store related questions please use our Contact Us form, or view our FAQs section.

See you soon,
Eglė & Nick

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